Pet Portraits by Peter Bruce

Professional artist Peter Bruce is a specialist in producing pencil portraits drawn from photos that truly capture the love, essence and character of your pet.

Peter works closely with you from initial enquiry to final production to ensure you get the best work of art possible with the photographs you have.

Using only the finest art materials, and offering various production and delivery methods, Peter ensures every piece is at the absolute top standard possible – creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

Peter welcomes all enquiries and looks forward to hearing from you.


Behind the Scenes of Peters Pet Portraits

(November 2018)

“Good Day to you all! It’s the start of a new week, and we have some fun stuff to share! First up, here is a short 5 minute sketch demo showing the three main stages behind my signature black and white portraits.”
*** PLEASE NOTE this is a hurried, demonstration piece, and real life commissions take a very long time to ensure perfection of your art. This one was just for fun, yours is the real thing, and therefore takes more time and consideration.



Gift Vouchers are Now Available

(October 2018)

Its nearly that time of year again! For just £40 you can purchase a gift voucher – entitling the recipient to a free A4 black and white pet portrait! Its as simple as 123 – Contact me for ordering, Get it in your email, Send it to a friend as a gift! Bingo!