music makes movies

Peter is well known for his varied music and soundtrack work.

From his most recent work as composer for CreatorVC’s documentary ‘In Search of the Last Action Heroes’ directed by Oliver Harper, to his previous student films and festival shorts, his styles show great breadth and confidence, providing each project a fresh and new approach.

Peter works in Apple’s Logic interface, utilising a combination of MIDI, and real-world instruments.

From sci-fi to horror, drama to documentary.

From dream sequences, to action spectaculars – your project needs a voice.

Do you need music to get that ‘signature look and feel’ for your next video?

Do you need to capture and engage audiences from the moment they hit play?

Need to set yourself apart from the competition?

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Peter can deliver just the music you need to take your production to the next level.

You can contact Peter through LinkedIn, or by email at